As technology is constantly taking over, digital technology has made life easier and better.

The discovery of “Digital Notebook” has helped a lot in this tech era.

These “Digital notebooks” are considered to be hybrid – a part digital and part analog -. Digital Notebook were mainly invented for old-fashioned people who like putting down the pen to paper. Jotting things down, drawing doodles, scribbling and much more can be done more conveniently with the help of digital notebooks. Instead of tearing up and throwing away the paper as it was in traditional notepads, these new ones help in erasing the content effortlessly. Moreover, the reason why digital notebook are loved everywhere is that the notes can be backed up on the cloud. We at “Homestay Hong Saeng” create for “Brightness Trading”; “HB-S.E.A. Trade-CONTENT NOTE BOOKS”

We create “Digital Content Note Books” ( DCNB-files ) as a service for entrepreneurs from the UK, the USA, from the EU, and from and inside ASIA who want to do business with businesses with companies who are located within the so names “ASEAN”-countries.

The ASEAN-member states are;

  • year 1967;

Indonesia – Commencement Date: 8 August 1967

Malaysia – Commencement Date: 8 August 1967

Philippines – Commencement Date: 8 August 1967

Singapore – Commencement Date: 8 August 1967

Thailand – Commencement Date:  8 August 1967

. year 1984; Brunei Darussalam – Commencement: 7 January 1984

. year 1995; Viet Nam – Commencement: 28 July 1995

. year 1997; Lao PDR – Commencement Date: 23 July 1997

. year 1999 = Cambodia – Commencement Date: 30 April 1999

. year 1999 = Myanmar – Commencement Date: 23 July 1997

On the long term we intend to create at least for every ASEAN-member-state one or more note-books with specialized content for different trading-opportunities.

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