Fruit – a very beneficial diabetic food – 3

Diabetic foods – another useful fruit

A lot of diabetic desserts should include a portion of one of the healthy fruits.

All fresh fruits have some benefit, and not just for diabetics. Here just another fruit with its benefits:


The grapefruit occupies a high place among citrus fruits because of its flavour, its appetizing properties and its refreshing qualities. Dr Riley, a well-known authority on nutrition, believes that it is a splendid food for diabetics and if this fruit were taken more liberally, there would be much less diabetes. She goes on to say that any person suffering from high blood sugar should take grapefruit three times a day. A person who does not have high blood sugar, but a tendency towards it, and wants to prevent it, should also use the fruit three times a day. Simultaneously, consumption of starches, sweets and fats should be reduced and diet made rich in fruits, vegetables and juices.

Two weeks of this grapefruit rich diet will bring down sugar level in individuals not taking insulin. In those who take insulin regularly, it takes longer.

Also be on the lookout for diabetic deserts which include this fruit.



3/4 c. plain low-fat yogurt
1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. powdered sugar substitute


Put yogurt, powdered sugar substitute and lemon juice in a bowl and mix with a spoon until smooth.

Chill the dip in the refrigerator and serve with fresh fruit.

Makes 4 servings.

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