Herbs and Spices: Natural Weight-Loss Food

Herbs and spices are necessities in the fight against fat. Too often, they are relegated to attractively labeled but rarely used bottles on revolving spice racks. This is unfortunate, because using the right blend of these taste enhancers produces delicious, low-calorie dishes that will make it easier to stick with your new weight-loss-friendly eating habits.


Barbeque: Grilled Banana Split

Cheer up your BBQ party with a Grilled Banana Split

EN – Brunch: Jewel salad

The key to an amazing salad is seeking out the very best lettuce you can find. In this instance a blend of red romaine and little gem lettuces is great. Avoid bagged, pre-washed lettuce – it often smells off. I baby my lettuce all the way home, making sure other groceries don’t smash or bruise it.

Fruit: Dragonfruit

The dragonfruit, also called the pitaya or strawberry pear, is one of those strange-looking things you see in a market and just have to try.

Here in Thailand’s North-East, dragonfruit is sold at almost every market and served as dessert at many higher-end restaurants.

Herbs: A World of Flavor

You can change a chicken dish from Middle Eastern to Hungarian or Asian with just a pinch of spices and a sprinkle of herbs. Adding herbs is an easy way to add a world taste to your everyday meals. Here is a chart to clip on how to follow through with the recipe to give it authentic ethnic taste.